Any good datacenter stencils?

I’m new to OmniGraffle and am still trying to figure things out. I need to map out a datacenter and am looking for a set of stencils that includes generic shapes for things like a network, storage, servers, switches, firewalls, VM’s, etc.

I can find stencils for specific manufacturer equipment but if I try to include them on a single drawing then they’ll obviously look very different and their styles won’t match. Visio has a bunch of symbols for generic network objects. Does OmnigGraffle have anything similar?

Go into your stencils and search for Network to see what we have in Stenciltown:

and download any that apply.

You can also use most Visio stencils (.vss format) in OmniGraffle Pro. Visio stencils are imported by a conversion process, so you may want to open the stencil, and modify it for your use. For example: Any fonts that need to be replaced because they used a Windows Only font for Visio, go in and make a few changes, the save again as an OmniGraffle Stencil. You may want to add metadata to certain items in the stencil. Stencils that use images in the .EMF format do not work because there is no such image format on the macOS platform, and for some reason Cisco uses EMF images for some of their Visio stencils. If the images inside a stencil are in EMF format, they need to be saved as a compatible format before they are used on Mac. (svg, png, jpg, pdf, and so on).

If other OmniGraffle users have a great stencil they are willing to share, please upload it at and it will then show up when others OmniGraffle users search for stencils.