Any idea to have something like that, to visually see what is where?

I have a problem with distinguishing which main point are which. When I do Command+[ or ] to align them I see some type of guide/highlight very useful.

Any ideas?

I don’t know if you even see in the picture, but I created something like that really quick in photoshop:

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You can make use of gutter colors to achieve a level indicator. You can set this with the Style inspector and set a color for each row level.

Is it possible you could do a screenshot of how you set it up?

You want to select a row level, e.g. “Level 1 Rows”, in the sidebar and then set the gutter color. Does that help?

Is there any automation/template option to include the style corresponding to the lever of the row?

And it doesn’t show it accurately if the upper level row has numbering, but the sub-row doesn’t…