Any Omniweb updates?

Dear Omni: I’ve noticed that test builds of Omniweb showed up with great regularity until August of last year. Since then, nothing. This was pre El-Capitan. Is Omniweb finally dead and buried? I know that I think it’s Ken works on it in his spare time, of which he doesn’t have much of, but the nightly builds were still coming due to updates in other frameworks.

Is there any news at all, or is the last test build it?

It looks like something broke in our software update feeds for OmniWeb. Thanks for pointing this out, we’ll look into it! At the moment, though, the latest test build that the feed would have given you can be downloaded here.

My mistake! The test builds are currently broken, which is why they’re not being put on the update feed.

Unfortunately there still hasn’t been any update since August last year. Any chance that somebody will take a look at this in the near future?

I got a chance to finish fixing the urgent issues introduced by sandboxing OmniWeb, and new builds are being posted again. (I can’t speak for how they work on earlier operating systems, but they’re working well for me on the current beta of macOS Sierra.)

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Many thanks to the “powers that be” for the recent updates and showing my (still) favorite browser some love. There are still things about OmniWeb that just aren’t available elsewhere.

Version 6.0 test

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Tab Sidebar — Drawers are deprecated in High Sierra (and were causing some misbehaviors like sending the parent window to the back every time you opened a drawer), so this seems like a good time to make a long-overdue change: tabs now live in a sidebar rather than a drawer.
High Sierra compatibility — Tab thumbnails generally draw correctly now on High Sierra (instead of showing empty or clipped content).
Tab Drops — You can once again drop tabs directly onto the main area of a browser window to move or copy those tabs to that window.
Tuesday, June 14, 2017

High Sierra compatibility — Fixed some crashes encountered on beta builds of High Sierra when displaying the completions for an address and when opening the print dialog on a Mac with a Touch Bar.[/quote]