Any quick way to filter by items that have multiple tags?

So today I was listening to Mac Power Users and David Sparks said in the OF3 ad read: “Now with tags, it’s really simple to filter by items related to Work, that belong to a particular client, that take less than 15 minutes” or some such.

And I thought “Sure, you can do that, if you create a custom perspective.” Which is a LOT of overhead if you just want to do a simple query. And in Things you can just command-click on multiple tags and get a very quick AND filter of lists.

Is there any faster way to do this than creating a perspective? If not, I can send an email as a feature request, but wanted to see if this is something I’m missing.


Hi CatOne,

If you go to the Tags view, select a tag and then command click further tags you see all actions for all the tags. Is that what you mean?

I think that’s the opposite of what’s being sought here - cmd clicking multiple tags adds all the actions with any of those tags to the view, what I suspect we’re looking for is ‘show me only the actions with these tags’

Which is a fairly quick perspective, but not easily changed on the fly.

Maybe in the Tags perspective a shift cmd click could filter?


Yep, I read it again and it’s clear now. Sorry about that. I was hoping a SHIFT-COMMAND click (or similar) would do the trick, but no. :(

Great idea. Just like my post: Multiple tags may cause too many perspectives

But, this feature will significantly change the most important part of PRO version of OmniFocus: perspective.

So, maybe it can not be implemented easily.

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Is this on a feature request list yet?

“tag-xAND tag-y” searching for multiple tags seems mandatory for tag-based sorting


+1 for this request. A ‘quick filter’ for multiple tags would help a lot.


I can’t believe that such an obvious feature is not available in the standard version! And even in Pro it does work as simply as it should.

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+1 - this behaviour goes against everything I expect from tags - selecting multiple tags should AND by default.

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  1. Click or tap Map Properties icon in the top left, the select the Filter tab.
  2. Click or tap Tags. to display a drop-down list of tags
  3. Select the tag you wish to filter by.
  4. You can close the Filter dialog and your filter will remain in place.

Much agreed here - selecting multiple, by default, is really an AND function - not an OR function in most text/programming languages as well.

I prefer OR myself. Things 3 defaults to AND and I find it annoying. I can’t imagine using AND, but I am a minimalist tagger.

That’s said, á NOT selection option to EXCLUDE a tag from a list would be helpful from the side bar. But having OR by default means I can already select all tags except the one I want to exclude and that works fine.

I think the preference depends on the extent of one’s tagging.