Any Special Upgrade Price for OmniOutliner Pro?

Does anyone know if there’s a special upgrade price for OmniOutiliner Pro? I’m a registered user of version 3. $60 for an outliner app seems pretty steep to me. It would be nice if there were a reasonable upgrade price for loyal users like myself who have been customers for over a decade.


Yes, you can find upgrade pricing info here:

It certainly has been priced a lot cheaper than previous editions.

You have 14-day trial to see if there are enough features for you to want Pro. Otherwise, Essentials is a steal at $10.

If I follow your instructions, and click “View Upgrades,” it just says “Sorry! This license appears to be already upgraded. Visit our lost license page to recover licenses.” If I then click the Buy button, it just quotes the full price of $59.99. That’s not much of a deal. I guess I’ll pass on OmniOutliner. :-(

You can email the Omnigroup and ask about recovering your license. They’ll be better equipped to help you.

FWIW, if $60 will give you ten times the reward because you’re using it frequently, then it will be well worth it.

Did you happen to check the lost licenses page as suggested? The most common reason people encounter this message is when we’ve already given them a free upgrade (based on how recently they purchased the previous version) and they didn’t notice (because our email went into the spam folder or whatever). If that’s what happened to you, you might have a free license waiting for you over at that page.

If you don’t have a free license waiting for you already, please do email our sales team at and we’ll be happy to help.

(By the way, we don’t consider OmniOutliner Essentials to be an upgrade for most OmniOutliner owners: that’s what OmniOutliner Pro is for, and with the upgrade discount its price is just $30—less than what the old Standard edition used to cost. I go into more detail in my blog post introducing OmniOutliner Essentials.)