Any way to automatically timestamp a new item in OO?

Hi all.

I’d like to have new rows in an outline be automatically timestamped. Actually, to have the creation date recorded somehow…

Am I condemned to entering it manually whenever I create a new row?


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Get Keyboard Maestro, and make a macro that makes a new row and adds a timestamp.

You will be amazed how many helpful things KM will do for you.

Hi anamorph.

Yeah, that would work (I use aText myself) but it’s not really what I’m looking for. I’d like the creation date to be automatically recorded for each row, even if it’s not visible, à la NoteBook.

With a macro, the column has to be visible, otherwise the date gets “pasted” in the row following the one just created…


Unfortunately that kind of metadata that Notebook records isn’t present in the OO file format, from what I can tell. I really wish it were; Notebook had a number of really great features, it’s a shame Jayson decided to give up and shutter the company.

Totally agree. A very rich set of features that had taken many years of effort and toil and work. And it’s all going down the drain! As you say, it’s a shame. Having worked in IT for many years, it really saddens me to see something like this happen. (Sigh…)

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I came in here looking for exactly the same thing (date stamps for entries) for exactly the same reasons (NoteBook no longer being supported).

It looks like automatic time stamps in OO have been requested before:

  1. feature suggestion: implicit timestamps of rows
  2. Any way to ‘auto date stamp’ a column?

I think this would be a great feature too.