Any way to change the (annoying) shortcuts for styles?

It’s just damn hard to keep doing it efficiently with that type of shortcut… Function+F1, F2, F3, … is possibly the worst combination of a shortcut keys, even these are just 2 keys.

If you open up the OmniOutliner Preferences and click on the Keyboard tab you’ll see an option to change the Function Keys to Control + number (e.g. F1 becomes Control + 1). And if you happen to use a keyboard app like Keyboard Maestro ( you could remap these keys to whatever you want.

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Is there any way to have more than 10 shortcuts for styles?

Hi, I’m new at OmniForums & OmniOutliner.
I have a problem with application of Styles with function keys: when I press F5 (for example) instead of apply the correspondent style a pop-up menu appears with a list of words, like hints to completion word. Any ideas?

OK, I found HERE the answer.
Sorry for the redundacy.