Any way to have a simple table in Notes OF 4 for Mac?

I am loving OF 4, but there is something that I think is missing. Often I want to have some type of table in my notes for tasks and projects. At times I have a fairly complex table so I link or attach an excel file for that. But more often I just want a list of rows and columns, like Apple has added to Notes. That would be so great.

Is this perhaps something that might come in an enhancement in a future version?

Thank you
Bryan Schmiedeler

Could you post a screenshot which shows your desired output ?

Sure thing.

I made a very simple table in Apple Notes and then took a picture of that and pasted it into a note in an action in OmniFocus 4.

The “table” of course is just a picture so it is not editable.

I would love it if you could duplicate Apple Note’s table functionality, being able to very easily add and remove rows and columns. Totals, filtering and sorting would be absolutely bonuses but not necessary.


Thanks for explaining, I see what you meant.

You could generate a markdown table and paste in notes; however, that wouldn’t be easily editable.

OmniOutliner seems a good fit for this purpose; it’s an outliner which has columns, among another great features.

Considering how the OmniFocus team has been developing the Notes field for the lifetime of the app, it doesn’t look like that’s their vision of it for the future.

I recommend keeping all but simple notes outside of OmniFocus and using the OmniFocus note field to project and action support notes. Unfortunately, linking to Apple Notes isn’t as obvious and convenient as it could be (this is one of the reasons I use Craft instead), though it is possible.

There are some free lessons from my Getting Back on Track with OmniFocus 4 course with recommendations on structuring a personal productivity system. Among other things, I explain my reasoning for having a note-taking app separate from OmniFocus.

I hope this helps!

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This is very helpful.

Oddly, there was a task already in my OF to take the very course you mention!


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This is very helpful.

It’s good to hear this was helpful!

Oddly, there was a task already in my OF to take the very course you mention!

Nice! On a side note, I’m also offering an interactive workshop as a companion to the Getting OmniFocus 4 Back on Track course. There are currently two options to choose from.