Anyone Created a Things 3 Theme?

With so much talk on these forums about the look and feel of Things 3, has anyone created a theme that replicates the colors of Things 3?

Things 3 is just a lot easier on the eyes. Omnifocus feels like looking at a complicated spreadsheet at this point.


I think there is just so much one can do here because the guys over at CulturedCode have really done an amazing job with their design. I would certainly welcome a Things 3 theme for Omnifocus, or a much needed overall app redesign.


You’re right ! Things 3 is, regarding design, such a beautiful app !


The downside with both is their tendency to turn into giant, unscannable lists. Integrated Kanban or or just a better, more spaced out would be an improvement. Firetask is good at this, but the app itself is buggy.

2do is the prettiest. Things3 only looks great empty or close to. When heavily used, it has the aesthetic appeal of a phonebook.


What about the initial question? I love the font!!!

I trialed things 3 and it just fell apart with a large number of projects/tasks, it looks nice with a few projects as per the videos and screenshots but for heavy duty work OF just does it for me, things in use is just to “opiniated” in the way it forces its workflow on you rather than letting you design your own.

Honestly going against the prevailing wisdom I was not impressed with it (on a mac) at all.


All, thanks for the comments. I’d like to point out, I’m not asking about the functionality of Things 3. I’ve tried it, and while it has its merits, I really do prefer to stay with OF. The intention of this post was not to discuss our opinions of Things 3, but to see if anyone had created a theme for OF that utilizes the color scheme of Things 3.


I like that Things 3 have a “This Evening” section in today’s view, which I have implemented in my workflow.


Now do you have implemented the evenig section?

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Hi Amocko, You can download OmnifocusColors and Change all side bar background to White or Things 3 gray, change background status bar and background information bar to White, change all side bar tint to white, and change borders to same gray that thing 3.

Remove items from tools bar

Change fluid style by personalized columns and just select projects, notes and contexts.

And if you have pro versión, you can change icons too.

I cant share my style file because im new.

Looks clean. How exactly did you configure this perspective please @jamiekoi ?

Could you please share the settings of this perspective?

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This is great

Heyy sorry for the very belated reply.

I migrated to Things 3 last year, so I’m sorry I can’t remember what settings for this perspective.

I believe this is from Omnifocus 2 as well, not Omnifocus 3. Sorry couldn’t be much of help.

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