Anyone else miss the menubar counter?

Just curios whether anyone else misses the now deactivated menubar counter?

I was hoping that OF2 would bring a more intelligent counter, with the ability to specify what to count (remaining, due, etc.) and the ability to attach to, say, a perspective, (so that it could count, for example, the due items in perspective x, or the remaining items in perspective y). Multiple counter, attached to multiple perspectives, could also be neat! Anyway, these are just my hopes. Anyone else wish the counter return in some form?

I absolutely miss the menubar counter and think that you suggestions for improvement are terrific ideas. I’m going to post a support request as well; just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone!


I know there’s a feature request open in the development database on bringing that feature back; if interested parties do as @chazclem8892 did and send email to, we’ll be happy to record their requests so the rest of the team can weigh this against the other ones in the system.