Anyone having issues with review date discrepancies between mac and ios versions?

I have already sent a help request in to Omni but wanted to reach out to this quick responding community as well.
I am now doing a daily review in the morning and noticed this morning that my ios review perspective had 9 more projects than that mac version did. I did some investigating and noticed the review dates were different on each version. The mac version said they were sometime in the future while the ios said they were a date in the past, hence why there was s discrepancy. I updated the date, then changed it back, on the mac and force pushed an update that corrected it on the ios version. I hope this doesn’t continue as this will force me to lose trust in the review data which is the only way I look at projects on a regular basis! Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

yeah. the same here. wanted to write for like a week now to omni.
it comes and goes but usually ios version just appears with one unreviewed project all the time and then it fails to stay that way even after “reviewing” it multiple times

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