Anyone using Omnifocus for Zen To Done (ZTD)?

Hi! I would like to know how do you set up Omnifocus to implement Zen To Done system. I’m new and a little bit lost. Any help would be very appreciated ;-)

You might find the following workflow handy - it’s what I’ve used for a bit, although it probably diverges from ZTD in some ways…

  1. Set up a “Daily Review” project, which is flagged, deferred until midnight today (i.e. it should be active right now), and has repeat settings of “Defer another 1 day”. Oh, and it completes when you complete its last action. This will auto-respawn at midnight every day, but also won’t create multiple clones of itself if you leave it for a few days.
  2. Inside your Daily Review, add the following tasks:
  • Unflag all flagged actions
  • Review all next actions and flag MITs
  1. Create a couple of perspectives: one labelled “Morning Review”, which only has your “Morning Review” project selected in the sidebar, and one labelled “MITs”, which only shows flagged actions. (I actually have my morning review perspective set to only show tasks with the context “Morning Review”…but that’s an aesthetic choice).
  2. (Optional: add to your morning review anything else you want to ensure you do every morning)
  3. Every morning, make checking your morning review perspective the first thing you do. For your first action: go to your “flagged” perspective and unflag everything. For your second action: go to a general overview perspective, see what tasks and projects you have, and flag 2-3 tasks you want to do today.
  4. Now, spend the rest of your day in your “flagged” perspective. These are the tasks you need to get done today.
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Thank you very much jyr! It seems a very useful workflow. I’ll try it…

I loved ZTD when I was first starting on my GTD journey. I used this as a foundation block to help me create my own workflow. I would suggest using ZTD as your building block. Over time, you will pick up tips and tricks that you can add on to help you. Everyone’s workflow will be different. You will find what works and what doesn’t work for you depending on your situation and specific needs at any given time,

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