Anyone using OmniPlan to manage Sales Cycles?

Here’s my situation and envisioned use case: I work as an Account Executive for Enterprise Sales in the software industry, managing sales evaluations that typically run 4-6 months. The primary sales tools in my work are typical: Salesforce for CRM, Powerpoint for presentations, and simple Excel spreadsheets to manage “Mutual Success Plans” with prospects. This is nothing but a fancy term for what is a customer-facing action item checklist for managing the steps of the sales evaluation process.

It’s this latter point that has me considering OmniPlan potentially as a slightly more sophisticated and better looking tool than Excel to manage both keeping the prospect on track with timelines, as well as huddling up internal resources such as Sales Engineers and implementation partners as we move through the sales evaluation process.

With that context provided, I’m curious if there’s any Sale People using OmniPlan in such a fashion, and what is your experience? Also, any templates developed?

I’m an experienced OmniFocus customer that would love it if OmniPlan can effectively be used in this way, but I want to figure it out from those experienced before I purchase it (currently in the free 14-day trial phase).

Thanks in advance for any advice!