Anyway to share my OF tasks with others?

Even if it’s only in read only mode? Like syncronising it to Trello in read only mode on Trello so my business partner can stay updated with the tasks I am doing on a new business project.

Any IFTT on the Mac that can integrate with something for me to be able to do this?

They are currently using Apple Reminders for me to stay up to date with what they are doing on a shared list.

I did buy OF3 on the Mac and iPhone under the impression you can share tasks on it but seems like they didn’t manage to get that up and running.

I am pretty sure you cannot sync Apple Reminders with OF both ways? Only as a way to import tasks into OF.

Any ideas would be useful as there are so many tasks related to this business that I’d rather keep my own stuff inside OF to manage it but some kind of way for sharing what I am up to in real time would be good.

Even better a way to share tasks in OF for shared projects that we are doing together.

If you google it, someone setup a script to use Kanban in concert with OF. It’s a vague memory, but I did look at it at the time, but I don’t run OF on the Mac, so I couldn’t use it.

Are you looking for sharing or synchronising tasks?

It is doable to share tasks between two (or more) people, but difficult to synchronise them without either developing a sync servic or awaiting the OF solution. The OF devs are working on this according to their roadmap though.

To share tasks on iOS you can use:

  1. maildrop - easy, but this omits several fields from the task
  2. Shortcuts - more complex, but you can share all fields from the task


  1. Just read the mailddrop documentation, it’s pretty straightforward

2a. Create a new Shortcut called something like “Share OmniFocus task”
2b. Enable the share sheet of that task
2c. Split the input into a list using the string “name=“
2d. Choose the last item in the list
2e. Add to a variable called “TASK_DETAILS”
2e. Join the text “omnifocus:///add?name=“ with the variable
2f. Optional: add URL-scheme items like a tag called “Shared”
2g. Use a share method to send “omnifocus:///add?name=TASK_DETAILS” as a text

Share the task with the share sheet (the boxed arrow up)
2h. Choose Shortcuts to open the shared item
2i. Choose “Share OmniFocus task’

Upon arrival, your partner can click the URL scheme and the task will be added to their OF

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