App is crashing when starting new document or upon reaching Resource Browser

I have one user on El Capitan that is having a very difficult time with OO 4.4.1. Every time I start a new document or access the Resource Browser, the app crashes.

Booting in safe mode seems to be fine – everything works, so there must be something going on with this user. I’ve disabled all possible other apps and still it does not work.

I do get this:

Exception raised:
Mask: 0x00000001
Name: NSInvalidArgumentException
Reason: OOTextStorage addAttribute:value:range:: nil value

Can anyone make any sense of this?

I’ve tried using AppCleaner to remove any files and reinstall, also doesn’t work.

Tried holding down SHIFT and restarting, as per the instructions from support, no go.

Tried restarting, no go.

Really at my wits end. Thoughts?

The one thing I can do is edit old files.