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I wish I could make an argument and reply to the terrible negative reviews on the App Store for OmniFocus 2, but alas, my purchase was made on Omni’s website. The best I could do is vote them down. You should vote them down too if you feel the same way until Apple releases some sort of a conversation system for reviews. ^_^


I just looked on the App Store, and 90 of the 96 ratings are 5 stars. Didn’t seem like OG needed my help.


You are right. I’m happy they have a five star rating, but it can always go down. I just wish the negative reviews were more critical than just missing feature rant.

In the Spanish MAS the only type of negative comment usually is “one star because the app is not available in Spanish”

I thought the review were mostly good on OmniFocus 2.
A few don’t make a lot of sense & are just unsubstantiated opinion. Perhaps someone was having a bad day.

OmniFocus 2 is pretty innovative in its approach. I like it better than I thought I would & bought it up nearly immediately.
The price break is really nice - going half price & including the Pro features for past App Store customers!!

The AppStore is an online store. How much fluctuation would you expect?
I see a few premature comments in the AppStore reviews. That happens & I’m occasionally guilty myself: making an assessment right out of the box, before [one] has a fully developed sense of what [one] is talking about. However, one does have the option to edit ones comments in the AppStore.

I see it break both ways - they edit if you are too negative, biasing toward good reviews - and I see some people talking thru their hat. The alternative is Macupdate for comments & those don’t always seem to be useful either.

People have an over-inflated sense of their own opinions a little too often in the online world.
I doubt we’d get a better approach with a more interactive system - as though the world needs another discussion board to vote something on or off an island!

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The feature they want is - happiness, I think. :)


Going through the reviews actually helps the people choose the right gadget or apps. But it would be better to go through more reviews than one, compare both negative and negative reviews and this way you would be able to pick the right one.