Apple Watch reminder capture goes into the void?

Hi everybody, I have a strange recurring issue that I’m struggling to figure out. Sometimes when I capture a reminder using my watch, everything seems to work properly, but then it just disappears. So it’s not there to be found in the reminders app, nor is it located in the inbox for OmniFocus 2.

I’m not sure what the mechanism is for transporting records from the Reminders app into OmniFocus. I assume that the record is deleted in reminders, rather than marked as done.

I probably capture a half dozen reminders a week in this fashion, and I only think the error occurs 10% of the time. So it’s not like it’s a major problem, but it is frustrating to jot something down, so to speak, and have it disappear.

I should mention also that sometimes they seem to be lost for a while, and then just pop up from the void.

Sometimes things will be delayed somehow. For example, today.

  1. Capture stuff with watch
  2. Watch confirms capture
  3. Phone shows nothing (Omnifocus2 & Reminders)
  4. Computer shows stuff…half an hour later?!?

@peteypolo double check what folder you are saving your Siri reminders to? It has to be the same folder in OF2 settings as the Reminders app.

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Good point – I double checked, everything is pointing to the same destination folder.

Have you tried force resetting your watch-sometimes that does the trick?