Applescript breakages in current OG betas

I know that you are making a transition to omniJS scripting, and I’m not sure to what extent compatibility with Applescripts written for earlier versions of OG7 is still a goal,

but a small cry of pain here :-)

I still rely surprisingly heavily (day to day diagramming), on an AppleScript which:

  • works fine with OmniGraffle 7.10.2 (v195.13 r328142)
  • but is broken by current beta builds.

One of the issues seems to be that some uses of the shape keyword no longer return a reference, though graphic does. Switching away from shape to graphic, did not, alas prove enough.

Here is source text for a script which assumes a tree-like diagram (no loops, and a single outline ancestor).

You should be able to enter commands like block to switch to a block diagram, and then things like:

  • d=r (direction of tree is from right) as well as d=t, d=b, d=l, to reorient the root to leaves direction of the tree
  • m to see a menu of simple macros for nested diagram styles
  • tree to return from a block diagram to a tree diagram, etc etc.

(And changes in tree or nested block direction should also change magnet positions appropriately): (20.6 KB)

Thank you for reporting this issue! I can reproduce the problem and it’s been sent to the team.


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