Applescript From Mac Mail To OmniFocus With Link To Original Mail

I’ve used this script for a number of years without ever making it public or sharing it. I thought perhaps people might like to see it.

I wrote it up on my blog (which doesn’t usually contain such technical stuff but hey, sometimes it’s good to talk about something different.

Here’s what I wanted to do: when some emails come into any of my multiple inboxes (I have 5 separate google mail accounts that are in regular use) I wanted to be able to flag (automatically or manually) any of these on any of the many devices I check mail for later action in OmniFocus.

I also wanted to maintain a link to the original email that would work on both my Mac and my iPhone. This is incredibly useful so if I need to reply later, I can click and get straight to the correct email thread.
I came up with a system that works for me and may work for other so, in the interests of being a good netzion I’m putting it out there.

You can find the whole explanation and script here at this link