Applescript to export OmniGraffle to Visio

Hello all. Is there an AppleScript available (or can anyone who has some skills write one perhaps?) that will take an OmniGraffle file and automatically export a version to Visio format?

I still have many colleagues and customers who haven’t seen the light and continue to use Visio and I need a way to create Visio versions of diagrams I create in OmniGraffle. I’m thinking that if I can put them into a folder, I can use Hazel to trigger an AppleScript to automatically create a Visio version for me. I have no idea how to do ti myself though, or if it is even possible!

Anyone able to shed some light on this for me? I’d be very grateful for any help!



I have a script you can run from the commandline on GitHub, you can define formats and parameters for export.

There’s also a version you can use as a service, parameters are obviously hardcoded there, you’d need to replace “PNG” and the parameters.

Thank you very much @bboc Really appreciate that!