Applying a color mask to change underlying image?

Is there a way to apply a mask to an imported image to change the color? For instance, if I import a black & white image, could I apply a mask that would change the image to Blue or Green? From what I have found, Mask only applies to the shape of the image where you can resize the image without affecting the scale.

Fill blend modes are available, you’ll need to play around or understand what the different blend modes mean to get the results you want. But to do this you’ll need to add a separate shape above the image, set a fill color, then set a blend mode.

That is… TOO COOL! Lots of them do what I want.

Thank you!

I spent a bit looking for “Blend” on the options then just started trying things. Now I see that drop down IS “blend” modes.

This should help with my drawing even more… and I only have to make one image mask and resize it; drag around to effect the necessary images.