Approaching Stress-Free Productivity

Im getting close!! I’m one who suffers from stress headaches and anxiety in general. After buying OF Pro for all my devices it felt too complicated so I tried others and failed. I decided to give OF another try but inintroduced some other habits like setting realistic deadlines and not having too many things due on a certain day. I sat down and really thought through the major aspects of my worlflow and current projects and got clear about outcomes and priorities. I also looked at my caldendar and started to think about my “free time”, blocked out times I wanted to be productive, and times I didn’t want to work at all. I also started saying no a lot more. I came back to OF and it’s working so well it’s crazy. I’ve got a lot happening this week, but I don’t have a a headache, I’m not constantly checking my lists because I know what I’m doing and what I’m not doing, and it’s amazing. I imagine with could be achieved with any quality app or trusted system, but for me it’s happening with OF.

If OF (or other systems) aren’t working for you, consider what I did differently this time. It may not be the system, it may be that the things around the system are yet in order. Hope this helps someone,


Agreed, @Jasmynp!

For me it’s been the many ways that OF 2 can slice data and present it based on metadata that you control.

Suddenly it’s all become so much more manageable :-)


I’ve tried most of the other available apps. They have their strengths and weaknesses. For sheer flexibility, clear management of complex areas of my life there is nothing like OF2 (& OF1) for dealing with it. I manage a small engineering business, I am also a minister in the Church of Scotland, help to run a drama society, have several hobbies I won’t bore you with and before OF came into my life I really struggled, forgot dates, generally messed up.
The competitor apps are good for simple lifestyles, uncluttered and easy to organise. OF2 is the ONLY choice when you have tons of actions and projects scattered across several important spheres of your life. The flexibility in perspective management, coupled with a superb review manager make this app the best choice for pruning otherwise onerous housekeeping routines.
The updates, excellent apple watch app (though improvements could be made here) and further development of all the apps mac or iOS, fills me with confidence and admiration for those who design and implement these improvements.
Finally, the superb assistance should oneself get into a pickle is a godsend! (Normally it’s my own stupid fault).

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