Apps that play well with OmniFocus

This is not about OmniFocus directly:
There are a few apps that help make life easier in conjunction with OmniFocus on a desktop
& I just thought I’d mention a few, in case they’re worth other people’s time exploring.

OmniPop adds a menu bar item to direct entries to email, etc. right up front.
i’m not sure its quite as useful with OmniFocus 2. There is a free lite version.

BetterSnapTool (rather like Cinch & several very good window control apps others)
Allows you to create a drop zone on your desktop. Dragging your application window into that hotspot
moves the window to a predefined location on your desktop (⅔ of the screen for example) & they can be set to appear ONLY when certain apps are active, so you really aren’t cluttering your desktop with competing hotspots.

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