Archive / Delete old items on IOS

I could swear that in the past there was an option to delete old tasks/projects through OF for IOS, but I’ve just gone to look for it and I can’t find it.

I don’t have OF for Mac and after searching for a task which I recently completed, I’ve come to realise that I have items going right back to April 2020 which I no longer need (I’ve changed jobs)

Is this Mac Only? Am I going mad?

It’s not affecting performance, but I’d like to purge records from that previous role.

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I don’t recall having this option in iOS.

You can make a custom perspective and have it grouped and sorted by date. Then delete the tasks in the desired grouping (example: tasks more than 1 month old).

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Maybe you are thinking of the ‘Clean’ command documented here:

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Thanks Wilson, this is the path I may need to go down…

I distinctly remember OF for IOS prompting me in the past to delete old items. I remember it because it was deleting rather than archiving (as OF for Mac does)

Thanks @MultiDim that’s probably what I was thinking of. So good to know that I’m not going daft.

it’s a shame that’s not there permanently. I’ll reach to OF support.

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So I spoke to OF Support and they’ve provided me with a script which has achieved what I need which I can run whenever I wish to my heart’s content.

There are caveats on the use of the script which they wanted me to be aware of, but I’m happy.

Fantastic support again from OF @kcase

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