Archive location / Moving to new computer

My laptop recently died, and I was fortunate to be able get a new one. Rather than restore from my backup clone, I manually copied all my files and have been installing apps as I’ve needed them. In other words, as close to a fresh install as I can do (thus avoiding restoring years of cruft),

Anyway, for OF I just did a new install and synced my database to the Omni Sync Server.

However, today OF prompted me to archive, which made me think… should I at least restore my previous archive from my backup?

The archive always reminds you to do so on the same computer. In 10 years, I’ve only ever referred to the archive a few times, but it has come in handy.

I looked at this info from the manual, but it’s not clear to me which file is the archive.

How does one move the archive to a new computer? And is it advisable to do so?

Archives are given a special extension, .ofocus-archive and have a different icon to the primary database.41

Once you’ve copied the old archive over to your new Mac, the easiest way to get to the right directory for it is to hold down the ⌥ option key with the File menu open and select ‘Show “OmniFocus.ofocus" in Finder’. Put the archive in that folder.


Thanks very much - this was clear and easy!

The only thing that didn’t quite work was this:

'Show “OmniFocus.ofocus" in Finder" does not appear. I’m still on Omnifocus 2 - perhaps that’s it? In any case, I just copied the path and used Go to Folder.

Thanks again!

Yes, sorry, that only works in OmniFocus 3. Regardless, I’m glad you got it sorted.