Archiving to Dropbox?

I would like to start making my OF database lighter.

It is recommended that when using OF in a couple of computers (like laptop and desktop) that the archiving is done on only one computer.

What if I do the archiving in Dropbox? Would it work archiving from both computer?

The thing is I have a recurring task to archive every three months. It would be great to do it in the same computer I am using when the task pops up.

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In our experience, Dropbox and OmniFocus do not combine well at all. OmniFocus stores data as a file wrapper. Dropbox doesn’t properly understand file wrappers, so it can possibly lead to data corruption.

We would like to make our archiving better suited to the reality that people have multiple devices, but for now, it’s best to archive on only one computer and NOT to store that archive in Dropbox.


Thanks for your answer. Hope there will be a better solution soon.

Thanks again.

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