Are critical posts allowed? [A: Yes, within the bounds of the community guidelines.]

Like I told: within couple of hours my posts are getting hidden. it seems like freedom of speech and critizing OF is not allowed here, sad.

I don’t think the issue is criticism per se, but the personal nature of your criticism.


Thank you for your answer and view. I personally would disagree. I think the matter is leaving this forum a forum where you cant critize, but rather hiding those posts to make everything look nice about the app. In my opinion the support is doing wrong here. I can critize the app, but I still can love the app.

Yes I totally agree. But there are some Omnifanboys and girls here, who would never critize this. They always come up to tell you how great omnifocus is. I mean I love the tool myself, but doesnt mean that you cannot critize it. Like eg. the missing trash bin or now this feature we are discussing about.


Attempting to un-hide the post for the user did not work.

Criticism is welcome, and there are plenty of examples of posts like that available here. Support folks did not flag your posts. The bar for folks here to be the first flag on a post is very high.

However, if other community members flag a post as being in violation of our community guidelines, we take that seriously.

Even when a post is flagged, a good-faith effort to bring a flagged or hidden post into alignment with those guidelines is all that’s required to make it visible again.

TLDR: You are free to speak your mind, but you are not guaranteed an audience. The community gets a say, too.


TLDR explains it all, nice support.

Hey - just a friendly reminder that the term fanboy and fangirl are generally seen as pejorative in many moderated forums. No need to flag it here in meta, but as a moderator of other public sites, I wanted to be sure you were aware of that in case you’re wondering why posts might be getting flagged elsewhere.


Hi, thank you for your explanation, I appreciate it. But I indeed wanted to use a term for people who are so flashed by a company or a product, that they cannot critize it and are closing their eyes from its bad sides. If you have a better term for this I would be happy about using it. Because there are some users in the forum who always come up with “its not so bad, you dont need the function, we have this instead, use another app - our app is perfect” comments. And I can tell that this is really frustating

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