Are custom fonts/colors/styling in the outline view supported? [Supported in v2.5]

I love the beta!
But I hate that I can’t add mine personal style with OmniFocus.

The unavailable actions are not very good visible. I want to make it better visible that it isn’t possible.


I do not like the gray background either.

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If you haven’t already, please submit it to OF ( as a feature request. I have already done that, as I liked the ability to change the look as well (e.g., making the next available task in a given project green, so it stands out).


What is the purpose of the Show Fonts and Show Colors options in the Format menu? Although the menu options are not greyed out, neither one appears to do anything. Am I missing something? Is the plan to make them “live” later? I’d like to have the option of more color.


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I love OmniFocus 2, but I have the same criticism with the Mac version as I do with the iPhone version: Way too much white.

iOS 7’s over-use of white is so boring and uninspired. Waiting for this design trend to go the way of the avocado refrigerator.


Continuing the discussion from How can the data density be improved?:

Data Density, in my mind, is the symptom.

The issue, I believe, is the lack of style features (themes) in OF2. Having the capability to change line depth, indentation, colours, font, etc - along with a newer idea of ‘data locations’ (?), whereby we can pick where each data element lives on each row; so we can move context to underneath dates, or due date to middle of row, etc, etc - would make the view better.

PS: I spent past few weeks trying different task systems, and came back to OF1, to change its theme, only yesterday. It made a big difference in my renewed interest in OF…for the 3 hours before the new beta release :smile:


Tend to agree with the general feeling around data density, although I generally try to focus on smaller views so it’s not a show-stopper for me. Like the gmail like suggestion of a preference to reduce the density if required.

Whilst I’m getting used the the clean white IOS like look, I’m missing my modified asianefficiency theme and the lack of automated colour is making if much more difficult to quick see what I need to do next. What are the chance of themes making it back onto OF2?


Seeing as how so many of the Omni apps (including OF1) offer the ability to customize the theme, I am curious as to if this could be a possibility with OF2?

In addition to being able to customize theme colors and fonts (a feature I use in OF1 to make the appearance less distracting), I was curious if any theming in OF2 could also allow:

  • Scaling up and down the size of the “check circles” (I would like to improve the “data density” (to borrow someone else’s phrase) and place more items on the screen.
  • Allow me to move the check off to the left hand side instead of right? Something about the check off being on the right hand side messes around with my expectations.

In Forecast view, what about an option to place Calendar Events (for a selected date) under the calendar? Seems like an awful lot of wasted space there, and moving the events there would allow me to see more items in my to do list.

Agreed. Also, I’d love to reduce the width of the Projects column that appears when you click the Projects button in the sidebar. I keep the names of my projects short and even when the column is at its minimum width, there’s still twice as much space as I need. Surely there’s a way to reduce the width more - there’s a lot of screen real estate being waisted now.


We don’t currently plan to add theming in 2.0. But, just as 1.0 isn’t nearly as featureful as 1.10.6, 2.0 is a new beginning, not a final destination.

I hope you’ll keep discussing what sort of theming features you’d like so we can take your ideas into account after we ship 2.0.

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It seems like the reason for the way-too-wide Projects column is so that it fits the month-view calendar when you switch to the Forecast tab. I understand the desire for visual continuity when switching tabs, but creating wasted space in every tab except the Forecast tab seems like a poor solution.

Maybe let us pick a more reasonable width for the Projects column and just (tastefully) animate the column sliding out to make room for the calendar when we select the Forecast tab?

I also completely agree with the whole “checkboxes on the left” comment brought up by JuanCab

I hope you’re not going all OmniFocus 2 for iPhone with Helvetica as the only option. I can’t bear to be looking at Helvetica all day long. :(

FWIW, we’re not actually using Helvetica - it’s a customized version of Proxima Nova.


I personally love Helvetica (Neue Light) but having an option to choose the font of your choice would be great.

But on the other hand – there’s an added complexity in terms of UX. Serif fonts behave in a very different way to sans-serif ones in design so that may be an issue.

A compromise could be a list of ‘vetted’/approved fonts.


Yeah, I realized it wasn’t Helvetica (right after posting, natch); but I’d still rather be able to load my own fonts from my Mac. :P I’ve become accustomed to seeing OmniFocus in Ideal Sans, and I’ve love to keep it that way.

Regardless, I think the overall look of the new app is gorgeous. Really liking the direction you’ve gone with it.

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Yeah, +1 for variations of fonts / colors. Maybe in a more restrictive way than with OF1 in order to preserve the look of the new thing-

wow , I can’t believe You’re supporting Markdown in the forums now, it’s so awesome, all of it…

I really feel like I need to be able to change the font in the Notes of a task. One thing I use OF for is keeping track of the supervision I do with my Team and tend to add a lot of text in the notes of tasks. The greyed out, smaller font rendered in the notes doesn’t work for me.

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@jlhertrick, you may know this and just be asking for a way to change the default, but in case you don’t…

Within notes, you can actually switch the font and color to anything you like. They’re stored and presented as richly formatted text (with full support for inline attachments).

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