Are the lines between tasks gone? [Yes, as part of unifying the design between Mac and iOS]

I’ve switched to using OmniFocus 4 and I love it! But there is one thing (a small thing, granted) that bugs me. The lines that used to divide each task are gone. I find it adds a bit of friction trying to my scanning of my tasks, especially since the spacing between a note and its task is greater than the spacing between the note and the task below it for some reason. Is there some hidden setting to bring them back maybe? Are they gone for good? I don’t think this is a very serious thing, I’m sure with a bit more time I’ll get habituated to it. I was just curious if anyone else was thinking the same things I was or if there really is some way to bring them back I hadn’t spotted. Cheers.


The lines are great.

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I believe the lines between tasks have been removed in OF4. You can email a feature request to have the lines return to to let your voice be heard.

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I sent an email to request they be put back.

Disappointing that the developers have chosen to remove these small interface features that make life better for the USER. (Or maybe the users don’t matter any more?)


We intentionally unified the design of OmniFocus 4 across platforms. This is one aspect where the new cross-platform design is closer to the old iOS design (which didn’t have dividers) than to the old Mac design (which did have dividers).


Hi @kcase

Was this specific detail unintentionally inherited from the iOS app (and could potentially return in the future), or was it a deliberate decision to remove it because it works better without the lines?

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Thank you for your response, this was more detail than I expected to hear. That brings up a new question for me however, why was the decision made to to remove the lines between tasks across all devices, following in line with the old iOS version instead of adding them in to the iOS version following the MacOS design?

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