Are there plans to make OmniOutliner "universal", like OmniFocus 4?

I just recently upgraded from OF 3 Pro to 4 Pro and I’m loving it! There are a few notable bugs but I trust those will be ironed out soon. I’m wondering though if Outliner will be updated to be “universal” like OF 4 is where buying a copy means you’ve purchased for all Mac, iPhone, and iPad platforms. I like that.

(Hard to believe that I’ve been with OF since v2 Pro and I’ve upgraded each time!)

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I would love to see OmniOutliner become universal as well. Additionally, I believe it would be fantastic to have the new SwiftUI framework implemented across all platforms.

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Yeah, I’m not well-versed in SwiftUI. I guess I don’t see a great difference between OF 3 and OF 4 in terms of UI though.

I believe that already is the case with OmniOutliner 5. The subscription page includes an option to purchase a single subscription that covers Mac/iPhone/iPad.

OmniOutliner 6 will be universal, yes.


Nice! Looking forward to it

Will there be any grandfathering options available for those who recently purchased OO5 license when OO 6 is released?

Yes, we always provide free upgrades for recent purchases when we release new major upgrades to our apps.

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Thanks Ken!
Is there a cutoff for the purchase for OO 5 for free upgrade to OO 6?

Is Omni Outliner 6 coming soon? If I buy Omni Outliner 5 now (may 2024) will I be eligible for the free upgrade to version 6?

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We don’t yet know when OmniOutliner 6 will be available. Now that OmniFocus 4 has shipped, our next big app release will be OmniGraffle 8.

But, it might help to know that we generally give free updates to people who have recently purchased the previous version of an app. (And we’re pretty generous about what “recently” means, typically offering these free upgrades to anyone who has purchased within the last year.)

And for anyone not within the free upgrade period, we always offer a 50% upgrade discount. (Even if it’s been over 20 years since your purchase of OmniOutliner 1!)