Are there plans to make OmniOutliner "universal", like OmniFocus 4?

I just recently upgraded from OF 3 Pro to 4 Pro and I’m loving it! There are a few notable bugs but I trust those will be ironed out soon. I’m wondering though if Outliner will be updated to be “universal” like OF 4 is where buying a copy means you’ve purchased for all Mac, iPhone, and iPad platforms. I like that.

(Hard to believe that I’ve been with OF since v2 Pro and I’ve upgraded each time!)

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I would love to see OmniOutliner become universal as well. Additionally, I believe it would be fantastic to have the new SwiftUI framework implemented across all platforms.

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Yeah, I’m not well-versed in SwiftUI. I guess I don’t see a great difference between OF 3 and OF 4 in terms of UI though.

I believe that already is the case with OmniOutliner 5. The subscription page includes an option to purchase a single subscription that covers Mac/iPhone/iPad.

OmniOutliner 6 will be universal, yes.


Nice! Looking forward to it

Will there be any grandfathering options available for those who recently purchased OO5 license when OO 6 is released?

Yes, we always provide free upgrades for recent purchases when we release new major upgrades to our apps.

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Thanks Ken!
Is there a cutoff for the purchase for OO 5 for free upgrade to OO 6?