Arrow on file icon--in Locations (file browser)

Hi, what does that arrow on the icon mean?

I thought it meant that a sync to OmniSyncServer was pending, but it doesn’t–the file was uploaded and rhe sync icon stopped animating.


An up arrow ↑ is supposed to indicate changes made on the iOS device haven’t finished syncing up to the server yet. A down arrow ↓ indicates the server contains changes that have not yet been downloaded to the device.

We have had a few reports from customers of the up arrow ↑ remaining after changes have successfully synced up to the server. I’ve added your report to the open bug on this issue in our tracker. Fortunately, the file should successfully sync, but OmniOutliner for iPad fails to update the arrow icon when finished. If you force quit OmniOutliner from the App Switcher, the arrow should disappear, but you can ignore the arrow if you prefer, too.

If any other customers happen upon this forum thread and would like to be added to the bug report please send an email to and we’ll be happy to add your example!


thanks for the reply.

Since the OmniPresence icon was not greyed out or indicating a sync issue, I could tell things were OK and up to date.

I look forward to the improvements you guys are always making.