Artboard behavior

So I am new to Artboards but absolutely love them for creating sections of a larger drawing. I have been using them for only a month now but have noticed an interesting behavior.

When Exporting with the option “Multiple pages” and selecting “Current Canvas,” I get a folder with three separate files.

When using the same option with “Entire Document,” I get one file with three pages.

So is one correct, neither, or both?

If you were exporting to PDF, choose current canvas, and you have 3 artboards on that canvas, I’d expect the results you describe because you can’t export multiple pages from the artboards of one canvas. Either you want all of the canvases, or you want the artboards. If you don’t have 3 artboards on the current canvas, something could be going wrong. If that’s the case, please choose Contact Omni with the file open (from the help menu) and send us the file if possible. There is an option to anonymize the file, which will replace your text with the letter x.


Not sure I understand that.

All the artboards are on one Canvas. Why does it create one document with three pages on one setting (Entire Document) and three single page document from other setting (Current Canvas)? Especially since there is an option for one multipage file and option for separate individual files and I have selected “Multiple Pages” option.

Not a problem sending the file but I don’t know if it would be hard to reproduce.

These are the settings that control what happens:


I see what you mean now. This is confusing. You can only get a multiple page PDF of the artboards if you choose Entire Document. If you choose current canvas or selection, the Multi-Page option is ignored. The UI doesn’t reflect this, but the pages preview numbering and visual preview on the right is correct and should reflect what you get in terms of number of files.


In my opinion it would be more clear if the Multi-Page option showed as disabled in the cases where it will be ignored.

Interesting that the “Multi-File/Single File” option only becomes visible on “Current Canvas” when you select “Export from Artboards only”.

Would it be a bad thing if you could create a MultiPage file from the Current Canvas? Seems the ability is already in the app, just not enabled for the Current Canvas option. For me, I would like the option for both.

Second @ScoutsHonor here. This bites me every time and causes extra manual work on every export.

I’d think it is entirely reasonable to have many canvases, with many artboards per canvas and wanting to export just one canvas’ artboards in a multi-page PDF.

It seems the functionality is already there and it’s merely the logic that has been botched.
Can we get a feature request (or bug report, whichever you prefer) in for this, please?