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I’ve started to experiment with scripts in OmniFocus. I can successfully get them into a toolbar icon. Now, I’d like to be able to assign keyboard shortcuts to my own scripts - and according to this thread, it’s possible. But I haven’t been able to figure out how. I’ve seen lots of comments saying Keyboard Maestro can do it - but is there a way to do it without an external tool?

I’m missing something here: OmniJS scripts can be assigned to hot keys within the app. Certainly on non-Mac and, I’m pretty sure, on Mac.

That’s good to know. I’m currently using AppleScript (on macOS) - it looks like I might need to switch to OmniJS for some of these scripts then.

You can use FastScripts for this

You can use FastScripts for this

Well, FastScripts binds keyboard shortcuts to osascript scripts (AppleScript, JavaScript for Automation) – not to omniJS scripts.

(To call an omniJS script from FastScripts you would have to write an osascript wrapper for it, which begins to introduce an element of Rube Goldberg indirection and complexity, quite apart from slowing things down a little)

Keyboard Maestro was one of those apps that I derided for a long time. But when I did buy it, it was the best investment I made for my Mac. It’s an easier way to automate a lot of repetitive tasks in OmniFocus as well as any app that you want to use.

It’s replaced text expander for me. I use it as a complementary tool with Alfred as well.

It’s saved my sanity numerous times. There is a KM Discourse forum for you to ask questions as well.

Well, that’s the point :) OP wrote in his second post that he uses applescripts. So far we’ve only made him aware of the inbuilt option to add hotkeys to Omnijs scripts. If he uses FastScripts, then he won’t need to rewrite everything into an omnijs script to have the option of using hotkeys

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