Assign two persons to one task and one of them to another

I want to assign two persons to task a, and only person 2 to task b.

When I do it and level resources, omni makes task 2 wait until task A is being done and does not allocate time for resource 2 to work on task B at all.

How to do it?

@icefire I’m not sure I’m following what the issue is that you’re encountering - could you email our Support team with a copy of your project so that they can look into helping you schedule your project? They can be reached by email at

If you’d prefer to send in an anonymized copy of your file, you can do so by selecting Help > Contact Omni… in the OmniPlan menu bar and selecting the option to include a copy of the file. This will create an email with a copy of your OmniPlan document, replacing all of the text in your document with “Xxxxx” strings.