Assigning Styles to specific rows HTML

For example: Some rows are “client review” rows. I’d like to be able to differentiate these from the rest.

In Omniplan I assigned a style so that I can see it within the app but when I look at the html output it does not assign that style to the line item in that row.

I see something like this:
td style=“padding-left:8px;” class=“wrap”

with nothing there to show that it is recognizing I assigned a style to that row. Is this possible to do?

Just to clarify a bit more. An example of what I want. Sometimes a “task” line item is for client review. This task needs to show a clear colour so client knows it is for them. While I can style a “task” in html I can’t style a subset of that task it seems. I can create a style for it under the “Styles” menu but this does not seem to transfer to html. I understand that the look and feel doest transfer but I was hoping that by creating a style I can now edit that subset of the task in html.