Attached File Link needs updating after an edit

Using OmniOutliner 5.3.4.

I notice that after adding a File Link with Attach File, if I then load and edit that file, the link will need updating the next time I DoubleClick on that link. Why doesn’t the link still see that file? It’s still in the same folder and has the same filename.

This has been a bug in OO for at least five years, and there are multiple threads asking them to fix it. The basic answer is that you should not attach a document to your oo file if there is any chance that you will: edit it, move it, rename it sometime in the future. I’ve never understood why OO can’t handle this when so many other apps can, and it’s hard to get omni to make any progress on it or even discuss it. I think it’s just a low priority for them. There is a workaround, but it’s very ugly. Here’s how it works: First you add the file to devonthink (indexed if you don’t want to move it). Next, you ask devonthink to make a link to the file. Finally, you add that link to your oo file. Because devonthink can handle attachments properly, if you ever edit/move/rename the file, the link in devonthink will still work fine, and thus the link in your oo file will also be fine. Maybe someone from omni could offer an update on when this might be looked at. I’m a longtime oo user and fan, but this issue severely limits how much I can use it. Sorry I can’t offer you better news.

Seems very odd that such a bug would remain unfixed for so long. It definitely limits how would use OO.

Yeah, I also wish attachments were working. Any chance someone from Omni could comment about whether a fix is even on the radar?