Attachments (several questions)

OmniFocus 3.11.7 (v149.14.0); macOS 10.14.6.

In: /private/var/folders/8y/jjx97j4x3fl9__y8z9jnm4n00000gq/T/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus3

… I have four attachments, with a “1” appended to the name of the files (before their extension).

The attachments in my user folder do not have a “1” appended.

  1. Are (the copies in the database) orphaned files? Should they be deleted (and if so, using Terminal, using the /private/var/… location)?

On attachments in general (quoted text is from Help):

“When you embed an attachment and sync OmniFocus, that file is copied into your OmniFocus database and is stored on the sync server so it can be pulled down wherever you need it.”

  1. What is the relationship between embedded attachments copied to my database and the file in my user folder, i.e., do the two ‘copies’ sync to each other whenever the file changes?

  2. If the OF database were somehow deleted, the file in my user folder would not be deleted, correct?

  3. If the (attached, embedded) file in my user folder were deleted, would it be deleted from my OF database automatically?

(For questions 2–4, I realize everything is designed for work just fine, and I’ve not had any problems—just wondering to be sure I have all my bases covered.)

  1. Is there a way to ‘know’ if an attachment is embedded or linked from the Attachment List window?

This is only a user forum, but if you send an e-mail to the Omni Group support, I’m sure they will have answers to your questions.

Thanks, Jan. I usually email OG and always get fabulous service. I posted here this time because they are all low priority questions, and also because I though others might benefit publicly from a response. But I’ll likely do the email route, and post anything useful from that, here.


I’m wondering what your motivation is. (I might have it, too.)

  1. I have way more attachments in my OF file than show in /private/var …, and the relative few that show there have a “1” appended, but those files in Finder don’t, so I suspect they’re not being used and just filling up space. I like to run a clean ship.

  2. Interested in the inner workings; are embedded attachments full duplicates of the ‘version’ of the attachment in Finder, in my user directory?

3 & 4. If I delete an embedded attachment in OF, I do not want the Finder file (in my user directory) deleted. And if I delete the Finder copy (in my user directory), I probably don’t want a ‘copy’ of it in my OF file anymore. Knowing the outcome of these two actions would be instructive.

  1. Sometimes I unknowingly attach a file as embedded, when I really meant for it to be an alias. If there is a way to determine whether attachments are embedded or aliased in the Attachment List Window, that let me identify embedded attachments, and I could then change any of those I want, to aliases.
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