Attribute a calendar event to a Project

As I can see, there is no means of associating a calendar event with a project or folder. It seems useful when managing a project that a record of the event should be evident other than in forecasting. For instance, in a field within calendar should reference a current project.

There actually is a workaround for this in terms of creating the link manually… If you right-click on a project or task in OmniFocus, you should see a “Copy as Link” option. This will put a link to the specific project or task on your clipboard that you can then paste into the URL field in your Calendar app.

Clicking that link will open the associated project or task directly in OmniFocus. As an added bonus, this even works from the iOS side once you’ve pasted the link in on the Mac, assuming of course you’re syncing your Calendar to your iPhone or iPad.

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I use the process @jdh describes all the time. So much so, that I created a keyboard shortcut for that feature in OmniFocus. Here’s how you can do the same:

Open System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts, App Shortcuts. Hit the plus sign and add OmniFocus. In the menu item type Edit->Copy As Link and set your desired shortcut. Exit System Preferences and you should see the new shortcut in OmniFocus without restarting. Now you can bang a key combo whenever you have a task or project selected, and then use the system-wide paste shortcut to throw it into a Calendar event, email, or rich text document on your system!


Across omnifocus (mac, iOS, iphone); it would be nice if you could tag calendar events with project and context. The actual calendar event would not be modified, but omnifocus would maintain the metadata around and about the calendar event.

I was making a product improvement suggestion, and it appears to have been reset to this older thread. The thing is the workaround proposed is not what I’m suggesting. Being able to associate meetings with projects and contexts would be of value in summarizing activity…