Audio note record into OF via Apple Watch

Wouldn’t being able to use Apple Watch as an audio note dictation be super useful for many people ? As opposed to just the present transcribe ?


Remember you can dictate tasks and actions through Siri straight into Omnifocus on the watch.

Is this by saying ‘hey Siri ‘remind me to “ …’

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Yes but that command will only save to reminders app. You can force OF to confiscate your action from reminder app this by changing settings in OF, but it is far more efficient to use the command, eg;

  • “Siri, remind me in omnifocus to take out the rubbish at 7pm tomorrow night”

Speaking the command “in omnifocus” bypasses the reminders app and puts the action straight into OF. Not only that but will place the task exactly at the correct time and day as instructed. It take a bit of practice but works pretty well, even with a Scottish accent!

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Ah ok yes I do that sometimes but I have reminders set up so that it passes the task directly to OmniFocus. It works immediately wirh no problem and means it’s two less words to speak.

Thing is my main point within this thread was actually recording a voice note into OmniFocus via Apple Watch. As opposed to dictating.

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Yes I understand and concur.