Auto-create a new task upon completion of tasks with certain tag or in folder?

Perhaps this is something already out there but I would like to create a task automatically when another task is completed. For example, I have a task for a client and when I complete it, I would like a “bill client” task to be created, possibly from a template.

How possible is it to do something like this?

You should be able to run a OmniAutomation Plug-In with that task selected and create a new task. Event-triggering is not yet implemented, as far as I know. You must run the plug-in manually.

What do you mean by this ?

Oh interesting, I am surprised event triggering isn’t available.

For the template thought, I meant have the ability to create the new task based on a “template” or similar task. Not a big deal.

Seems I could modify the “Complete and await reply” plugin to do what I want here.

Keyboard Maestro provides an on-activate event for any named application, so de facto you can trigger a script process whenever an app is activated.

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