Auto-delete a tag when tagging with a different tag

I have a group of tags for scheduling (today, this week, next week, soon, someday), which are supposed to exclude each other. Every time I want to change one of these tags, I have to do two steps: assigning the new one and deleting the old one. Is there a way the second step can be automated with AppleScripts/Keyboard Maestro?

Hm, I thought this would be of more interest, since I’ve often read about people using tags (that exclude each other) for scheduling. The above mentioned functionality would improve the workflow for all of those people…
And of course: If there is a solution without Keyboard Maestro and AppleScript, that would be as interesting to me!

I think that this topic has been addressed a lot over the last few months. I’ve sent an email off to omni asking for exactly this feature in December. Probably good to do the same.

Oh, I didn’t know that. Have just starting following this forum. Thanks for letting me know and I will send an email.

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