Auto layout/Diagramming on iOS…possible?

On OG for Mac I can quickly create a hierarchical flow chart or diagram with one of many methods. For example, the “Contents” section of the sidebar I can choose the heriarchy layout and just start typing and create a flow with siblings and children, etc.

The webpage for OG2/iOS says “Family trees, org charts, and brainstorming have never been easier. Turn on Automatic Layout, start typing, and you’re practically done.” But I cannot figure out any way of doing so, including starting with objects from the Flow Chart stencil.

So: how can I do this?
Also: is there a keyboard shortcut that exits text-edit mode of a text/shape?

Here’s our documentation on diagram layout for iOS:

If that doesn’t cover your question, could you try rephrasing?

When I am creating a hierarchy on OG/Mac, this is how I can go about it:

  • Open outline view in the sidebar of a new document
  • Click where it says “click to add topic”
  • Type a topic name
  • Hit enter to create a new sibling, tab to create a child, etc.
  • Keep doing that without even taking my hands off the keyboard until I have my whole hierarchy
  • OG automatically creates the objects and connects them as I go
  • Use auto layout to arrange the items if necessary

On OG/iPad I can’t figure out any way to do that. As far as I can tell I have to:

  • Create an item on the canvas
  • Type the name/text
  • Tap outside the object (because return and tab both insert those characters)
  • Create another item on the canvas
  • Type the name/text
  • Tap outside the object
  • Repeat 20 times until I have the objects I need
  • Drag all items so they are in a usable arrangement before I then…
  • …manually drag lines between objects to create the hierarchy
  • Use auto layout to arrange the items