Auto populate due dates by final stage of project

Hi - I have a template I use for certain tasks, regularly.

When I create a new version of this for the next-use I want to set the due date of the final stage “Project completed” and then all the preceeding steps will auto-populate their own due dates based on the completion step - i.e.

Step before - auto due minus 4 days
Step before - auto-due minus 3 days
Project COMPLETE - to be determined by user

Is this possible and could someone point me in the right direction?

I recommend checking out Kaitlen Salzke’s excellent Templates for OmniFocus Plug-In. Among other things, you can create a template that prompts you for one or more dates and performs date calculations based on the date(s) you provide. Kaitlin includes detailed documentation that explains this and other features.

p.s. Kaitlen was a guest on Learn OmniFocus last year. There’s a free recording that includes a demo of Templates for OmniFocus (you can jump directly to Chapter 14 to see this demo).