Autochange tag when item is due

I would like to be able to do the following. But first a very brief description of parts of my workflow. I have a tag that ensures an item displays in the forecast.

I would like to be able to add an item, set a due and a defer date. When the items defer date is reached the forecast tag is applied and it shows up in my forecast. I was thinking I could have a special tag for those items and a script or something changes that tag to my forecast tag when the items defer date is reached. Is this possible at all? And btw , I suck at scripting.

An edit:
I found this script but can’t figure out how to change it. Let’s say my tag is “Delayed” and I want this script to run and use the strTagName to change “Delayed” to the contents of strTagName on all items in the front perspective. I can run the script manually when needed. I’d appreciate it if someone had an idea as to what I should change in the script below.

property todayTag : "Today"
tell application "OmniFocus"
	set theDay to (do shell script "date '+%A'" as string)
	set strTagName to theDay
	tell front document
		set theTodayTagID to id of item 1 of (complete todayTag as tag)
		set theTodayTag to first flattened tag whose id is theTodayTagID
		set lstMatches to complete strTagName as tag
		if length of lstMatches > 0 then
			set recMatch to item 1 of lstMatches
			set strID to id of recMatch
			set oContext to tag id strID
			set lstAllTasks to tasks of oContext
			repeat with theTask in lstAllTasks
				set primary tag of theTask to theTodayTag
			end repeat
			display dialog "Context: " & strTagName & " not found."
		end if
	end tell
end tell
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If a task becomes overdue, it should show in the "Past Due"section of your Forecast perspective. Would that help?

Not really. What I want is for a deferred task to not show at all in the forecast view. But when it reaches its deferred date is should appear in the forecast view.

I just apply the forecast tag (mine is called “today”) right away. As long as the action is defered, it won’t show up in the forecast. Once it reaches the defer date, it shows up.

The only downside is that Omnifocus doesn’t seem to care about time. So it shows the entire day, even if it’s defered to afternoon.

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