Autocompleting tasks at its due date

I have a list of tasks that repeat everyday that specifies things I want to do.

So the question is: Is it possible to make tasks autocomplete at their due date?

but if you don’t do these tasks and it auto-completes on the due date, does that mean you really did them?

I’d prefer using OmniOutliner for daily checklists. It doesn’t clutter my OmniFocus lists.

I can print it out and then just check them off to make sure I get them done. if it is a daily routine, I get no satisfaction in actually getting them done when I check it off as done in OmniFocus.

There are many routines that I don’t enter into OmniFocus. Finding a pair of socks that match in the morning, brushing my teeth, taking a shower, preparing coffee, or even something mundane such as check e-mail don’t really need a task entered into OmniFocus. It’s part of my habits or daily routines. I think some folks call it rituals.

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Strongly agree w/ @wilsonng here.
I have recently moved some routines into Productive (iOS app) for the exact same reason.

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hmmm… i’ll have to take look at that iOS app. Thanks for the suggestion.