Automatic project of Miscellaneous

I saw time ago that Omnifocus can create a project for miscellaneous tasks, where it puts those tasks having a tag but not a project. How do I choose what project is it, or change destination for such tasks?


If you want to change the related project just select the project name and enter a new one into the “project” field in the inspector.
If you want to add the “miscellaneous” project to a task you can do the same or just leave it empty and have OF clean the inbox on a tag only.

Probably I was not clear, how do I tell OF to put tasks without a project but with a tag into ‘Pink Project’ instead of ‘Blue Project’? Both are existing projects already.

You could rename ‘Miscellaneous’ Project to ‘Pink Project’. When you assign a Tag to a new task but leave project field empty, the recently created task is going to be assigned to ‘Pink Project’.

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Ok now I got it. Thanks.

Actually that will only partly work. Any time a task is created with a tag but without a project it will be added to miscellaneous, not to another project (be it pink or blue) That’s just the way OF works

Renaming misc project will just create another misc project after that.

That’s not what I am experiencing, here. First time I create a task with a tag and without a project, a Miscellaneous project gets created. If I rename it, from now on tasks are going there (with tag but without a project assigned).

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