Automatic Snap - how to get rid of it

I know that if you hold the Option key while manipulating lines that will prevent a snap. (or whatever they’re called (I guess “bezie”)- I just call them squiggly lines or just “lines” - okay?).

However, this just isn’t a good enough. As I’m drawing I’ll inevitably screw up and two lines (or objects) will get connected.

Question 1:
Probably this isn’t possible - but I might as well ask just in case. Is there any way AT ALL - to just turn off every possible snapping feature - just so I can work in peace without this highly distracting problem?

Question 2:
Two lines got joined at the ends (due to the issue described above). I can’t disconnect them. I can’t delete one without deleting the other. Is there ANY way to separate two lines if the got accidentally connected?

I agree with you that this “feature” is a bunch of crap and a mess. Why this is the default behavior is beyond my simple mind. It’s stupid!

I hate it and the new version is beyond frustrating. PLEASE give me the old version functions back. All I had to do was turn off the magnet. Now I have no idea. Sorry I can’t help answer your question, but I have it too and many, many others.

Ok, figured this out. On drawing “command A” to select all, then go to ‘connections’ and deselect all the stuff that is selected under ‘lines’

No more snapping crap.

Yes you can. With the line tool selected, uncheck these 2 boxes if you never want these lines to connect with other things.

Hope this helps.


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