Automatic update of perspectives after change specifications of tasks

Hi. OmniFocus 2 is one of the software that I use most frequently. I use perspectives all the day. I would like that when I’m working in a perspective and I modify specifications of certain tasks that make that these tasks must no longer be classified it the corresponding perspective, they disappear automatically from the perspective or disappear when I press the icon of the perspective. Currently now, this update only happens when I select another perspective and then select again the initial one.

I will give an example of what I have described: I’m working in the “Flagged” perspective. I change the “defer until” date of some tasks for a future date and deselect the flag of some others. To make disappear these modified tasks of the “Flagged” perspective I must choose another perspective and then select the Flagged one again. I would like that this update happens automatically when I change any task or when I reselect the Flagged perspective without have to choose another perspective.

¿Does anyone have though about this improvement opportunity for Omnifocus 2?

i actually like this aspect of OF - if i unflag something and then decide i shouldn’t have unflagged it, it’s still there for me to re-flag it. if it disappeared immediately i would have to go off looking for it. with the items not immediately moving i have a chance to review my work in that perspective before i move on. the same goes for other perspectives: review, and inbox (hit the 'tidy up’) icon before moving on.

There is a setting in the Organization tab of your Omnifocus Preferences (⌘,).
Changing the setting to “Immediately” might be exactly what you want.


Bear in mind that, with the default setting (which I like), you can always hit ⌘K to clean items of your view whenever required.

Hi. Thanks for your comment. I have selected “Immediately” in the option that you mention. When I mark a task like completed, effectively it disappears immediately from the perspective. However, when I change the “defer until” date or the flag status and that makes that the task must disappear from the perspective, that doesn’t happens automatically. In that case I have to select another perspective and then choose again the previous one. The ⌘K that you comment does exactly what I would like that the “Immediately” option does: It refreshes all the tasks in the perspective and those that don’t match any criteria because of the changes that I have made disappear.

Yip. You’re right. That’s the behaviour I have. I think it never disturbed me, because I like my settings as “When changing views” and use ⌘K whenever needed.

If you want to bring this to Omni’s attention, I’d suggest you use the menu option Help > Contact Omni :D

Ok, thanks!

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