Automatically add tag to all flagged items, and remove tag when un-flagged

I use a tag called InProgress to ensure tasks I am working on show up in the forecast view. This works well enough, but I would prefer to not have to use a tag for this and instead use the flagged status.

I understand that this is not currently possible, but as a workaround I found this:

I am new to Omni Automation and am not sure how to make this work, Can I make this automatic, so the script runs when tasks are flagged or unfledged? Or do I have to remember to run the script periodically?

FYI I use OmniFocus on MacOS, iOS, iPadOS and web.


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I don’t know if there are Omni Automation events that can be detected to trigger an OmniJS script. From what little I know, it looks like we have to trigger OmniJS scripts from the share sheet. There doesn’t appear to be an event trigger such as adding/removing a tag or completing/deleting a task that will start an OmniJS script.

I’m hoping there will be some development to trigger OmniJS scripts. That would be awesome.

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Correct, there are no events/triggers currently. You have to call an Automation action manually inside OF, or an external program can run it via a omnifocus:///omnijs-run URL.

This explains why I couldn’t find any way to trigger the script…

Does anyone know if something like this is on the roadmap?