Automatically appending numbers

My work has a lot of editing and proofreading of book chapters. I frequently have to create tasks like “proofread book” that consist of subtasks like “proofread chapter 1” since it’s such a big task and easier to do when broken down into chapter chunks.

What’s the best way to do this? I wish OF had something like Excel where you can select two cells and Excel makes a best guess to extend the selection with months, numbers, etc.

You can install an OmniFocus script from Noe Buhlig

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Thanks. I’ll have to see if I can adapt that to my use.

Use the Taskpaper format where you can have a template ready to import into Omnifocus easily and can add any number of tasks before the import.

I don’t have taskpaper but I think an importable template is the way to go and when I looked for OF import options I saw that it can import OO docs so I’ll probably go that way, thanks.

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Ok, no worries. Taskpaper is a format rather than an app.

I save my templates it in the Drafts app on IOS/ipadOS and run it from there to add to Omnifocus.

Ah, ok, I understand. I’ll check it out, thanks.

I do this (not for book chapters, but for uni questions and things!) with a couple of plug-ins combined:

  1. Create numbered tasks using Create Numbered Children, then

  2. Prepend 'Proofread Chapter ’ with Append or Prepend.

My Excel is being odd right now so I can’t test it, but I think in the past I’ve also copied a series of Excel cells into OmniFocus and had them convert into tasks (I may have copied into TextEdit or something first). So, that may also be a valid option.

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Thanks, Kaitlin. These look great. I think the Taskpaper template idea might work best for me but I will check out your plug-ins as well.

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Thanks! This is dead simple, copy and paste, it just works.

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And so easy to amend in future. Glad it worked.

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